Debateks is established in 2002, located in the headquarters hub of Istanbul. Our main goal is to become one of leading and trustable companies with our production facilities based on high level of technology, our innovative and unique design approach and our experience we have gained so far. In fact, our foremost mission is to become innovative, creative and flexible firm, to make qualified production and to satisfy our clients and their clients in each step of business processes with the help of our continuous investigative characteristics.


Barcelona and London creative design Office.


Evalution of developing our supply chain management is a must to sustain best costs. In Deba we focus on developing our planning and and supply network to super effective.


Turning all our input to high valued outputs, is Deba’s the greatest strength.


Deba is responsible to enviroment, and life. Our production sites are all eco-perfect.


Our Lab is capable of performing many kind of test to production goods. We work meticulously on every according to every customer’s test manuels.


Throughout its ten years of operation, we have honed its Quality Control System, which is comprised of material, process and product checks.

Code of Conduct

Respect to people,enviroment and partner.



Debateks follows every single technologic development and innovation in the world we stand in today so as to produce well-qualified and environmental friendly goods for its clients. Furthermore, we give great importance to innovation in every single step of our production process from fabric to final garment and we always strive to stay dynamic in this way. Our priorities in our manufacture activities are sustainable quality on productions, design capability and R&D.

We are specialized womenswear and menswear. We are doing %100 circular knitwear, %100 woven and any percent of circular+woven combination.

Our design offices located in Istanbul, Barcelona and London support our facilities in İstanbul and Kirklareli . In addition to all those things, our investment on sustainable business partnerships has increased Debateks’ position since it was founded.

10 kms from the headquarters, we have another company owned factory that is producing seamless garments with Santoni machines. In addition to our own premises that we occupy selective subcontractors that fully and exclusively work with and for us.


DesIgn And Development

Our sampling department collaborating with a team of in-house designers and R&D experts, offers clients holistic product development assistance. Constantly monitoring emerging design concepts at leading fashion fairs- our design department collaborating closely with R&D carries out a detailed analysis of new customers and proposes a style options using the most trendy fabrics, accessories, printing techniques and handicrafts.

Debateks Barcelona Design office has located in heart of the Barcelona in Paseo de Gracia. In order to follow all trends and increase efficiency we prefer to have central design office with well-qualified designers.

Also, our company owned a Design office in Barcelona, Istanbul and London, in fact we have the possibility to provide our clients, with the latest shopping garments and R&D activities in order to develop together new styles through development meetings. You will have the opportunity to change the styles, artworks, and fits with the help of our designers. Debateks is a company, which provides fashion and technology; innovation and dynamism all together for its clients. Debateks design collections are emerged by hands of our well-reputed designers situated in our London and Istanbul offices. In London office, we provide our clients the latest shopping garments and R&D activities in order to develop new styles…